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Science Connects: German- Japanese ScienceCamp at IPN

22. August 2016

„Science Connects!“: On August-29 ten German students arrive at the IPN in Kiel for the second German-Japanese ScienceCamp. The event will bring teenagers from both cultures together who are especially interested in science and mathematical topics. Throughout the week, the participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in both these fields.

For the German participants, however, the IPN is not an unknown venue. Last year they participated in one of the student competitions here that were organized by the IPN and were promoted by the Federal ministry for Education and Research. The prize for their successful achievement at last year’s competition is the invitation to the ScienceCamp, which they were delighted to accept. The ScienceCamp is an initiative of the six national student competitions organized by the IPN in the context of the Science Olympics. The ScienceCamp serves the purpose of promoting interest in the sciences as well as motivating successful participants from these competitions.

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