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Silver and 3x Bronze for Germany at the 30th International Biology Olympiad in Szeged, Hungary

July 23rd, 2019
Silver and 3x Bronze for Germany at the 30th International Biology Olympiad in Szeged, Hungary

The German team after the medal ceremony. From left to right: Fabian Kutz (bronze), Nantje Nageler (bronze), Bruno Ederer (silver). Christoph Doktor (bronze) absent due to the postponed medal ceremony.

The 30th International Biology Olympiad (IBO) took place in Szeged, Hungary, from July 14th to 21st, 2019. Four students from Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia started for Germany. Out of almost 1500 participants from all federal states they had made it into the national team over four rounds.

With delegations from 75 countries, the 30th IBO was the largest in its history, confirming the importance of biology in the educational systems of countries around the world and demonstrating the great appeal of biological topics to students all over the world.

After a festive opening ceremony, the demanding competition began with four practical exams and two theory exams on the topics of molecular biology and animal physiology, anatomy, systematics and ecology of plants and animals, biochemistry as well as neurophysiology and bioinformatics. The German students did very well and were able to win a silver medal for Bruno Ederer (Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium, Jena) and three bronze medals for Christoph Doktor (Wilhelm-Ostwald-Schule, Leipzig), Nantje Nageler (Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium, Jena) and Fabian Kutz (Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Gymnasium, Frankfurt, Oder). The last two already represented biology in the German national team a few weeks ago at the 17th European Science Olympiad in Portugal and won gold medals in this team competition along with their fellow competitors from chemistry and physics.

The students were accompanied by PD Dr. Burkhard Schroeter from the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) in Kiel, which is responsible for the national preselection and training of the Olympians, as well as Dr. Dennis Kappei (University of Singapore), Dr. Christiane Mühle (University of Erlangen), Cedric Cappel (CAU Kiel) and Jan Krieghoff (University of Leipzig). Even though the Hungarian organizers faced some bigger problems in the course of the competition week, which had to be mastered on the international level, the hospitality of the Hungarians and - in spite of all the competition - the great sense of community among the students as well as the members of the jury from many different countries remain a lasting experience.

A total of 285 pupils from 73 countries took part in the 30th IBO. Other countries, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, sent observer teams for the next International Biology Olympiad to be held in Nagasaki, Japan in 2020.

The team of IBO Germany would like to thank all supporters of the competition and in particular the volunteer members of the Förderverein der Internationalen BiologieOlympiade e.V., who have been supporting and accompanying the national selection rounds and the preparation of the German team with great commitment for many years.

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