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The most talented biology students from Germany at the IPN

February 27th, 2019

Congratulations to the 13 best junior biologists from the new federal states!

Friday marked the end of an eventful and strenuous week for 45 students. For one week, the best 45 biology talents met in the third round at the IPN, the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel to test their knowledge and skills in biology after competing with almost 1500 students in the first round of the national selection competition.

The week began after an introduction with crash courses and seminars training the theoretical and practical skills of the participants. Afterwards, students had to take demanding practical exams in botany, zoology and physiology/biochemistry before answering questions on the most important areas of biological knowledge in a 4.5-hour theoretical exam.

Biology was also the focus of attention alongside the exams: Thursday included a visit to the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg. In addition to a lecture on malaria pathogens, the students were able to explore an epidemiological case study on SARS in a playful way. At the festive award ceremony at Eppendorf AG in Hamburg on Friday, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bosch from the Zoological Institute of Kiel University presented a lecture entitled "On the Formation and Functioning of Metaorganisms", thereby presenting a completely different view of living beings and their coexistence - a stimulating lecture that gave rise to many questions and discussions. In addition, the meeting with like-minded people and the lively exchange among each other and with the student supervisors were important for the students.

The winners of the 3rd selection round were honored at the festive award ceremony on Friday, which was accompanied by lively music from the jazz combo of the Ricarda Huch School in Kiel.

The 13 top young German biologists are:

1st place: Bruno Ederer, Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium (Jena)
2nd place: Christoph Doctor, Wilhelm-Ostwald-School, (Leipzig)
3rd place: Paul Christmann, Gymnasium Gaimersheim (Gaimersheim)
4th place: Hanna Pfisterer, Landesgymnasium für Hochbegabte (Schwäbisch-Gmünd)
5th place: Valentina Spielmann, Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium (Jena)
6th place: Anton Schüle, Comenius Municipal Grammar School (Düsseldorf)
7th place: Lukas Hellmann, State High School "Albert-Schweitzer" (Erfurt)
8th place: Damian Groß, Werner-von-Siemens Grammar School (Magdeburg)
9th place: Hannah Bühringer, Pamina School Centre -GOS (Herxheim)
10th place: Ben Schneider, Georg-Chr.-Lichtenberg-School (Göttingen)
11th place: Fabian Kutz, Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium (Frankfurt, Oder)
12th place: Nantje Nageler, Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium (Jena)
13th place: Felix Woltering, Clemens-Brentano-Gymnasium (Dülmen)

In a further selection round in May, the four German Olympic athletes will be selected who will travel as a German national team to the 30th International Biology Olympiad in Szeged, Hungary, this summer. In addition to numerous book prizes, internships in research covering a wide range of biological disciplines were particularly popular. The spectrum of internships organized by the Förderverein der BiologieOlympiade and financed with the support of VBIO again included internships at home and abroad. The four most successful young participants (born 2002 or later) also qualified for the selection round of the European Science Olympiad (EUSO), which will take place in Potsdam in March. In addition, three entries for the German Neurosciences Olympiad (DNO) were also awarded to young biologists.

The week was supported by the biology laboratory at the IPN, the Eppendorf AG and the Bernhard-Nocht-Institut in Hamburg as well as by the supervisors of the Förderverein der BiologieOlympiade, who accompany the competition with great commitment and enthusiasm.

The annual selection competition for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), the Biology Olympiad in Germany, is organized by the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) at the University of Kiel on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and in cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder.

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