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The Night of Science 2020 kicks off in the Kiel region: IPN opens the dialogue on "Education in Times of Pandemic" via social media

October 12th, 2020

Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller and Prof. Dr. Uta Klusmann will answer your questions!

Teaching in times of Corona changes the educational landscape and raises many questions. What consequences does the pandemic have for educational processes and what can digitalization actually achieve? The IPN has done a lot of research on current educational issues, has its own ideas and is happy to engage in dialogue: From today until October 16, 2020, users of Instagram and Twitter can submit questions on "Education in times of the pandemic" to the two education experts of the Leibniz Institute for Science Education and Mathematics under the hashtag #IPNgefragt.

The Night of Science on November 27, 2020, will give those interested the opportunity to watch a video clip showing the answers the two experts gave to the questions. Prof. Olaf Köller and Prof. Uta Klusmann explain why the Institute decided to take part in the Night of Science in this way:

For Olaf Köller, Managing Scientific Director of the IPN, social media are a new but essential component of public science communication at the Institute: "As a Leibniz Institute, we are fully committed to the principle of science serving humanity. Our goal is to use social media to interest especially younger people in what the IPN has to offer and to support them in better understanding the world. For us as researchers, social media is an important information and communication channel to explore how people can learn over the course of their entire lives".

Uta Klusmann, psychologist and professor at the institute, has been studying the professional skills and professional demands of teachers in her research for years: "Covid-19 is a truly exciting scientific and educational phenomenon for the IPN. For us, it means, for example, investigating how schools can be made more crisis-proof from the experience of the 'lockdown' and questioning what this means for the training and further education of teachers.

On November 27, 2020, the Night of Science will take place in the Kiel region for the fifth time. This edition of the Science Night is also part of the European Researchers' Night and is funded by the EU. In recent years, the Night of Science has developed into the largest science event in Schleswig-Holstein with more than 40 partner institutions from science and industry.

In addition to the described offer, the IPN is also participating in many ways this year.  Soon you will find out how - here in the program (German).

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