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Workshop: Mathematical Learning Requirements for STEM Studies

November 22nd, 2018

There will be a workshop on "Mathematical Learning Requirements in STEM Studies" November 23rd - 24th, 2018.

All federal states are discussing which mathematical skills high school graduates should have at the start of their studies and how schools must prepare their students.

Lecturers from all universities in Schleswig-Holstein, mathematics teachers and employees of the Ministry and IQSH will meet for the first time at this workshop to discuss in detail the question of mathematical learning prerequisites for studying.

One should actually be able to assume that those who have completed their Abitur have everything they need to successfully complete their university studies: including intellectual abilities and work discipline as well as effective learning techniques and previous knowledge relevant to the course. Many universities, however, criticize the lack of mathematical skills on the part of first-year students. Conversely, people often claim that universities place excessive demands on first-year students that go beyond the educational standards of the school.

The results obtained by the IPN study MaLeMINT, which dealt with precisely these questions, shall be substantiated for the state of Schleswig-Holstein at the workshop. The study also aims to initiate a process of understanding between schools and universities in Schleswig-Holstein as to which competencies are required at the beginning of a course of study and which tasks students must master confidently.

Further information on the MaLeMINT study can be found here.