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Determinanten von Health Literacy

Determinants of Health Literacy

Knowledge, Motivation and Behaviour


Educating students for a healthy life is a central goal of schools and hence, promoting Health Literacy is an important task. In contrast to this desired goal, the recent European Health Literacy Survey found that nearly 50% of the interviewed Europeans (15 years or older) have limited (inadequate or problematic) health literacy, which the World Health Organization calls a “health literacy crisis”. Hence, education research needs to develop models which explain health behaviour and allow for deducing effective interventions to promote healthy behaviour.

There are several models to explain health behaviour. Most of these models are prediction models and include several factors, like for example self-efficacy or subjective norms, that can be used to predict healthy actions. Such models for example are: the Social Cognitive Theory, the Health Action Process Approach, the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Planned Behavior, the Protection Motivation Theory, the Frameworkmodel of Health Literacy or the Integrated Action-Model.

Hitherto existing models do not include contex-specific knowledge systematically in relation to motivational factors. Hence, the goal of this study is (1) to analyze relations and development of knowledge, motivation and behaviour in the context of healthy eating and (2) then to develop evidence-based learning opportunities to foster healthy eating and to evaluate them.