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Dittmann, Sinja

Sinja Dittmann

Chemistry Education


phone +49(0)431-880-5903
address Am Botanischen Garten 16i, 24118 Kiel
room ozean:labor


2015 - 2019 Master of Science in Environmental Geography and Management, Kiel University
2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Science in Geography, Kiel University

Professional Activity

since 2020 Research assistant at Kiel Science Factory (Kieler Forschungswerkstatt)/ IPN
since 2017 Research assistant at the Department of Geography, Kiel University

Research Interests

Coastal, marine and riverine pollution by plastic litter
Climate change and climate adaptation

Current Projects

Kiel Science Factory
Plastic Pirates – Go Europe

Selected Publications

Dittmann, S., Lenz M. (2020): Two simple washing procedures allow the extraction of positively buoyant microplastics (>500 μm) from beach wrack. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 161
Koerth, J., Massmann, F., Dittmann, S. (2019): Kommunale Klimaanpassung in Schleswig-Holstein. Der Standort 43