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Sonja Hanebaum

Chemistry Education


phone +49-(0)431-880-3116
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room Raum 321 (OS 75)


Since 07/2015 Dissertation: Surfactants based on renewable resources
11/2014 - 06/2015 Master thesis: Synthesis and characterisation of surfactants based on citric acid amides
Since 11/2014 Student, Wuppertal University, Department of Chemistry
10/2010 - 10/2014 Master studies synthetic chemistry
08/2010 Bachelor thesis: Synthesis and 1H NMR spectroscopy studies of oligo-PPE substituted perylenemonoimides
10/2008 - 10/2014 Student, Bielefeld University, Department of Chemistry
04/2006 - 09/2008 "`Studieren ab 16"', Bielefeld University, department of chemistry

Professional Activity

Seit 08/2018 International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO): Head of German Chemistry Olympiad and delegation leader at the IChO.
07/2015 - 06/2018 Research assistant: synthesis and characterisation of new surfactants based on renewable resources in cooperation with an industrial partner, - supervision of students and interns, - investigation of surfactant properties, - mentor for gel electrophoresis and ozonisation experiment in lab courses, Management and communication of chemical prozesses / analytic chemistry.
07/2013 - 10/2014 Graduate assistant, product development of polymer based surface coatings, Kleen-Purgatis, Hiddenhausen
02/2013 - 05/2013 Investigation of scrap thin-lm elements caused by contaminated surfaces, Kavlico GmbH, Minden, internship

Activity at the IPN


Current Projects