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Lindner, Marlit Annalena

Marlit Annalena Lindner

Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych.
Ed. Research and Ed. Psychology


phone +49-(0)431-880-4410
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room 129, Neufeldtstraße


2016 PhD in Psychology, Kiel University
2011 Diplom (Ger.) in Psychology, Kiel University
2007 - 2011 German National Merit Foundation Scholar
2005 - 2011 Studies in Psychology at Kiel University

Professional Activity

2019 - present Head of the Leibniz-Junior Research Group "COMET" at the IPN, Kiel
2011 - present Research Scientist at the IPN - Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Kiel
04-06/2012 Period of research at Lund University (Humanities Lab), Sweden
2011 - 2015 Editorial Assistant for the Journal “Diagnostica” (Hogrefe)

Research Interests

Cognitive and affective-motivational processes in educational assessment
Feedback and multimedia effects in learning and testing
Computer-based assessment
Eye tracking
Open and closed response formats

Current Projects

COMET - Cognition and Motivation in Educational Testing
COGEA - Cognition in Educational Assessment

Selected Publications

Lindner, M. A., Eitel, A., Barenthien, J., & Köller, O. (in press). An integrative study on learning and testing with multimedia: Effects on students’ performance and metacognition. Learning and Instruction. doi:10.1016/ j.learninstruc.2018.01.002
Strobel, B., Grund, S., & Lindner, M. A. (2019). Do seductive details do their damage in the context of graph comprehension? Insights from eye movements. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1002/acp.3491
Lindner, M. A., Lüdkte, O., Grund, S., & Köller, O. (2017). The merits of representational pictures in educational assessment: Evidence for cognitive and motivational effects in a time-on-task analysis. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 51, 182-492. doi:10.1016/j.cedpsych.2017.09.00
Lindner, M. A., Eitel, A., Strobel, B., & Köller, O. (2017). Identifying processes underlying the multimedia effect in testing: An eye-movement analysis. Learning and Instruction, 47, 91-102. doi:10.1016/j.learninstruc.2016.10.007
Lindner, M. A., Ihme, J. M., Saß, S., & Köller, O. (2016). How representational pictures enhance students' performance and test-taking pleasure in low-stakes assessment. European Journal of Psychological Assessment. Advance online publication. doi:10.1027/1015-5759/a000351
Lindner, M. A., Eitel, A., Thoma, G.-B., Dalehefte, I. M., Ihme, J. M., & Köller, O. (2014). Tracking the decision making process in multiple-choice assessment: Evidence from eye movements. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28, 738–752. doi:10.1002/acp.3060

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