Schmerse, Daniel

Daniel Schmerse

Dr. phil., Dipl.
Ed. Research and Ed. Psychology


phone +49-(0)431-880-3114
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room 30


2014 Doctorate in Psychology, Leipzig University
2009 Diplom (Ger.) in Linguistics (Patholinguistics), Potsdam University
2003 - 2009 Studies in Patholinguistics, Potsdam University
2007 - 2008 Studies in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience, University of California San Diego

Professional Activity

2016 - present Research Scientist, IPN – Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
2012 - 2016 Senior Manager, Pädagogische Qualitäts-Informations-Systeme gGmbH
2009 - 2012 Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology

Research Interests

socialization and development in early childhood education
learning and motivation in transition from kindergarten to elementary school
language development in early childhood

Current Projects

Leibniz Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Education

Selected Publications

Schmerse, D. (2021). Peer effects on early language development in dual language learners. Child Development (advance online).
Schmerse, D., & Zitzmann, S. (2021). Early school adjustment: Do social integration and persistence mediate the effects of school-entry skills on later achievement? Learning and Instruction, 73, Article 101374.
Schmerse, D. & Hepach, R. (2021). How socialization goals and peer social climate predict young children’s concern for others: Evidence for a development shift between 2 and 4 years of age. Social Development, 30, 239–257.
Schmerse, D. (2020). Preschool quality effects on learning behavior and later achievement in Germany: Moderation by socioeconomic status. Child Development, 91, 2237-2254.
Schmerse, D., Anders, Y., Flöter, M., Wieduwilt, N., Roßbach, H.-G., & Tietze, W. (2018). Differential effects of home and preschool learning environments on early language development. British Educational Research Journal, 44, 338-357.
Schmerse, D., Lieven, E., & Tomasello, M. (2015). Young children use shared experience to interpret definite reference. Journal of Child Language, 42, 1146 – 1157.