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Research and projects

Ongoing projects

DiASper Digitale Arbeitswelt aus Schulperspektive
The development of professional competence in pre-service mathematics and science teacher education
MaLeMINT Mathematical prerequisites for university STEM programs: The Delphi Study
Mathematical-scientific competencies in initial vocational training
MMS - Primary School
Evaluation of the mathematics primary school support program
MiU Logo MiU Use of media in mathematics and science education
NEPS National Educational Panel Study: Competency Development over the Lifespan
PANaMa_logo PANaMa Prospects on the job market in the areas of Science and Math
TaiGer Taiwanese-German Research Program on Cultural-Societal Influences on Mathematics Education
TEGKnow Teacher Expectations, Gender Stereotypes, and Professional Knowledge
TigeR Tips for calculating smartly
LOGO WILMA WILMA WILMA - We love mathematics!
WinnerS Effects of science competitions for students


Completed projects

alles»könner The Hamburg school program alles»könner

ELMaWi Measuring domain-specific competence of pre-service teachers in mathematics and business/economics
KiKi Kieler Kindergartentest


Measuring the professional knowledge of preservice mathematics and science teachers
komdif Competence models as a base for a diagnosis-supported individual support of students in primary and secondary school
MaP Mathematics with perspective / Matematik med perspektiv
MMS - Secondary School
Evaluation of the mathematics secondary school support program
T-KnoX Teacher Knowledge Experiment
vACT Video-based measurement of teachers' subject-specific action-related competence