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Gleßmer, Mirjam Sophia

Mirjam Sophia Gleßmer

Physics Education


phone +49-(0)431-880-3145
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room 202


2007 - 2010 PhD in Physical Oceanography at Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR), Kiel University
2006 - 2011 Master of Higher Education Center for Higher Education and Faculty Development, Universität Hamburg

Professional Activity

since 10/2016 Research Scientist, IPN - Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
2013-2016 Coordinator of Teaching Innovation (Mechanical Engineering & Naval Architecture) Center for Teaching and Learning, Hamburg University of Technology
2011 - 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow in Physical Oceanography Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway

Current Projects

Research Scientist, Kiel Science Outreach Campus (KiSOC)
Kieler Forschungswerkstatt

Selected Publications

M. S. Glessmer, A. Adams, M. G. Hastings, R. T. Barnes, 2015, Taking Ownership of Your Mentoring: Lessons Learned from Participating in the Earth Science Women’s Network, accepted at The Graduate School Press of Syracuse University: The Mentoring Continuum: From Graduate School Through Tenure.
M. S. Glessmer, T. Eldevik, K. Våge, J. E. Ø. Nilsen, E. Behrens, 2014, Atlantic origin of observed and modelled freshwater anomalies in the Nordic Seas, Nature Geoscience 7, 801-805.
T. Eldevik et al. (including M. S. Glessmer), 2014, A brief history of climate – the northern seas from Last Glacial Maximum to global warming, Quaternary Science Reviews, 106, 225–246.
T. Børsen, A. N. Antia, and M. S. Glessmer, 2013, A case study of teaching social responsibility to doctoral students of climate sciences, Science and Engineering Ethics,Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 1491-1504.
M. S. Glessmer, W. Park, and A. Oschlies, 2011, Simulated reduction in upwelling of tropical oxygen-minimum waters in a warmer climate, Environmental Research Letters, 6, 045001 (7pp).

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