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Equal Opportunity at the IPN

The IPN is aware that the academic career of women, especially in the postdoctoral phase, very often comes to a halt after graduation or slows down due to maternity leave. Therefore, the IPN continually supports researchers in their professional development and overall. One of the tools used is the establishment of junior research groups specifically for women. For years, the IPN has actively addressed the question of how women can be promoted in all status groups. In 2003 this began with the so-called program for the professional advancement of women. This was then referred to as the equal opportunity plan. The objectives, measures and initiatives were geared to the research-oriented gender equality standards of the German Research Foundation and the Leibniz Association guide to equal opportunity. The IPN equal opportunity plan is a key tool for personnel planning and is designed to achieve equal opportunities for men and women. The central objective is to eliminate the underrepresentation of women in certain status groups and to create an environment that makes it possible to (better) combine work and family life.

Since the end of 2005, the IPN has taken part in the Hertie Foundation’s non-profit family audit. The Institute has managed to become a verifiably family-friendly institution. The reconciliation of work and family life significantly contributes to equal opportunity and the retention of career opportunities. The IPN sees these initiatives as part of an active human resources policy.