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IPN Library Search Engine

ILSE is a so-called discovery system and is an extension to our local library catalogue which you can still reach using this URL It functions in a similar manner to Google scholar: several data sources are consultable under one interface. By ILSE, however, the search is limited to available or open access local data sources at the IPN. The reason for this is that it is of little use to be shown a book or article that is not available at local level.

This means that when you search with ILSE, you simultaneously search through our library catalogue (especially our books), our subscripted journals, partly also down to the article level (this depends on the journal), our ebooks and the databases pedocs, SSOAR and LeibnizOpen with their Open Access publications.

This enables a more comprehensive literature research now than was possible to date without having to look for the individual data sources per hand.

An expansion to access other data sources is generally possible.