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National Licences funded by the German Research Foundation (DRF) and Alliance Licences

DRF- funded licences for electronic Media

In order to permanently improve the supply of electronic expert information at German universities, research institutions and scientific libraries, the DRF has been financing the acquisition of national licences for electronic media since 2004. This has been taking place in the context of its support program: National literature supply and National licences.

The GRF's aim is to give scientists, students and scientifically interested private persons the possibility of accessing databanks, digital text collections, electronically available online journals and ebooks.

Nine institutions have signed the nationwide licence agreements with specialist companies, publishers and other information providers. These nine institutions are also contact addresses for providing the data. Interested institutions and private persons can find information here to the licensed products and logon modus operandi:


The IPN has acquired the following licences for its staff:


For the complete text search of all the available articles in journals and ebooks, please click on the following page:


Alliance licences

After establishing the priority initiative, "Digital information" of the Alliance of German Scientific organisations, the GRF funded national licences were transferred (field of action ""Nationale Lizenzierung") and have been further developed as "Alliance licences". The focus of these alliance licences is the acquisition of dynamic products (regularly published periodicals, databanks and ebooks) to fulfil scientific basic requirements. These products frequently have an interdisciplinary character. In comparison to the national licences (Classics) , the alliance licences are distinguished by a model that has a fundamentally different licensing and financing structure. This is a consortial structure and requires financial self contributions from the libraries. In the context of a contract duration that runs for several years, these licences are offered as national opt-in consortia.


The IPN has secured the following Alliance licences (till 31. 12. 2014) for its staff: