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Experiment of the year - award for the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt's learning station

March 16th, 2020

This year's LernortLabor Prize was awarded to a nanoscientific experiment of the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt


The first LeLa Prize was awarded at a festive award ceremony during the annual LernortLabor (LeLa) conference in Dresden on Monday, March 9th, 2020. The learning station of the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt "Dem Lotos-Effekt" (The Lotos Effect) was able to beat the competition in the category Experiment of the Year. The €5,000 prize money goes to the LMUchemlab of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. The experiment station was originally developed for the klick!:labor of the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt in cooperation with scientists from the DFG Collaborative Research Center Function Through Switching (SFB 677). It was precisely this transferability of the experiment to different student laboratories that was an important criterion in the jury's decision. The interdisciplinary experiment station is currently used in Kiel and Munich, but also, for example, in the SCIphyLAB student laboratory in Aachen.

In addition, the jury praised the high level of everyday relevance as well as the simple implementation of the experiment for various topics in the field of chemistry: "The topic has a strong connection to the students' living environment. The experiment clearly shows how the self-cleaning effect of nano-structured surfaces is achieved. The contact angle measurement used here is a simple method for characterizing the surface that is very easy for the young people to understand. The concept presented is also impressive in that it can be transferred to other current topics in chemistry, such as applications in electrochemistry".

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