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GDCP Focus Conference: Machine Learning and Computer-Based Text Analysis, May 6th-7th, 2021 - register now!

February 18th, 2021

February 18th, 2021

Machine learning and computer-based text analysis - Prospects and Challenges for Science Didactics Digital GDCP Focus Conference - May 6th-7th, 2021.

Machine learning (ML) and computer-based language processing (NLP) are considered the basis of innovative applications such as automated scoring or intelligent computer-based tutoring that are important future topics for teaching and research. However, many issues related to ML and NLP and science education teaching and research are still unresolved. For example, there is no consensus on the questions of how these methods can contribute to theory extension in science didactics (knowledge gain), what role they will play in university and school education in the near future (practice implementations), and how they relate to established methods and standards of science didactic research (methodological innovation).

The main conference aims to bring together researchers from all science didactics disciplines to discuss the potentials and limitations of ML and NLP for science didactics against the background of the three thematic corridors: knowledge gain (1), practice implementations (2) and methodological innovation (3). A poster session, where projects can be presented and discussed, and two plenary lectures (Prof. Dr. Detmar Meurers, University of Tübingen; Prof. Dr. Bruce Sherin, Northwestern University) will provide a starting point for the discussions. A white paper presenting the central discussions and results is intended as a final outcome of the conference. The white paper will also present project ideas that explicitly implement the results of the conference and serve as good practices for the community.

In addition to the main session, a workshop will be offered on May 5th by Prof. Dr. Joshua Rosenberg of the University of Tennessee.

David Buschhüter (Uni Potsdam), Marcus Kubsch (IPN), Tobias Ludwig (PH Karlsruhe), Andreas Nehring (LUH), Knut Neumann (IPN) and Peter Wulff (Uni Potsdam) will be the program committee. The conference is supported by the Deutsche Telekom Foundation.

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