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German national teams nominated for the European Olympiad of Experimental Science 2023 in Latvia

March 30th, 2023

Following an exciting selection round in Potsdam, the two German national teams for the European Olympiad of Experimental Science 2023 (EOES) have been determined.

The European Olympiad of Experimental Science (formerly European Science Olympiad - EUSO) is a competition for students up to the age of 16 who work together in teams of three to solve interdisciplinary experimental problems. Each team has one expert in biology, chemistry or physics. A selection competition with experimental team examinations in presence was organized for the first time since 2019, after the pandemic-related break.

Participants and supervisors at the selection seminar in Potsdam.
The EOES selection seminar was hosted by Prof. Helmut Prechtl at the University of Potsdam-Golm. The selection round was supervised by PD Dr. Burkhard Schroeter and Theresa Hargesheimer (both IPN, Kiel) as well as by Jan Kruse and Annabel Maisl (Göttingen) and by Konstantin Schwark (Jena).


Team A:

Jieoh Ahn (Biology, Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium, Dresden, Saxony)
Vinzent Schultze (Chemistry, Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium, Cottbus, Brandenburg)
Oliver Eckstaedt (physics, Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium, Dresden, Saxony, Germany)


Team B:

Leon Chen (Biology, Weinberg-Gymnasium, Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg)
Sophie Junginger (Chemistry, Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium, Langenau, Baden-Württemberg)
Luise Köhler (Physics, Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium, Jena, Thuringia).


Students not only worked on their exams intensively, but also got to know each other for the first time. The leisure program focused on an afternoon visit to the Biosphere in Potsdam, an impressively designed tropical house.

Sound preparation is key: training camp in Austria

At the invitation of the Austrian EOES team, both teams and their supervisors Dr. Burkhard Schroeter and Luisa Handel (Tübingen) are currently in Klagenfurt for five days to train and improve their experimental and technical skills alongside the Austrian students. The laboratory and experimentation rooms of the educational cooperation Carinthia "BIKO mach MINT" in the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt offer optimal conditions for this.

The teams will travel to the European Olympiad of Experimental Science in Riga, Latvia, at the end of April, where teams of students from more than 20 countries of the European Union will compete against each other.

Special thanks for the preparation of the laboratory experiments go to the IPN Biology and Physics Laboratory, the Physiology Laboratory at the University of Potsdam-Golm, the "BIKO mach MINT" laboratory in Klagenfurt, the Austrian hosts and especially the external supervisors during the selection round.

PD Dr. Burkhard Schroeter
Ph.: +49 (0)431 / 880-3135