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Great Success: IPN Researchers Receive GEBF Junior Publication Awards

March 2nd, 2023
Great Success: IPN Researchers Receive GEBF Junior Publication Awards

Ute Mertens und Dr. Thorben Jansen bei der Preisverleihung

A doctoral student and a post-doc of the IPN awarded publication prizes by the scientific society.

Every year, the Society for Empirical Educational Research (GEBF) awards two young researchers’ prizes for publications that communicate the concerns or results of empirical educational research in a particularly convincing way. The prize in both categories, which was awarded yesterday at the 10th GEBF General Assembly at the University of Duisburg-Essen, went to researchers from the IPN. Ute Mertens was awarded in the category doctoral students, Dr. Thorben Jansen received the prize in the category post-docs.

Ute Mertens wrote her award-winning thesis as part of her work in the COMET project (Cognition and Motivation in Educational Testing). Her research focuses on the effectiveness of automated feedback in learning with computer-supported learning and testing environments. Using a network meta-analysis, she succeeded with her publication in clearly comparing the literature on different types of feedback with regard to their effects on various performance indicators and thus in making statements about their effectiveness for learners. Her study was published in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Dr. Thorben Jansen received the award for a summary of meta-analyses on students' motivation to learn. In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Meyer, also from IPN, and colleagues from the University of Maryland and Kiel University, he investigated which characteristics of students and which aspects of the learning environment are related to learning motivation. The study was published last year in the renowned journal Psychological Bulletin.

Further reason to celebrate was the awarding of the "GEBF Prize 2023 for the Promotion of Interdisciplinarity in Educational Research". This was awarded for only the second time this year. The prize recipient is the DFG research group COSIMA, in which Prof. Dr. Daniel Sommerhoff and Dr. Anika Radkowitsch from the Department of Mathematics Education at the IPN are also involved.

Auszeichnung der DFG-Forschungsgruppe COSIMAThe research group focuses on the question of how diagnostic skills can best be fostered in future teachers and physicians. The award was accepted on behalf of the entire group by Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU Munich) as spokesperson of the research group and the members present. The laudation was held by Prof. Dr. Manfred Prenzel (University of Vienna), who emphasized the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research involving educational psychology, subject education in the context of the teaching profession as well as medical education research and the linking of several universities within the research group. "Interdisciplinary research, as it is practiced in the COSIMA research group and at the IPN, is a model for the future. We are very pleased that we as a DFG research group have now been awarded the prize, and we hope on the one hand to continue to meet the expectations placed on us by the prize during the remaining term of the research group, and on the other hand to be a role model for similar projects within empirical educational research," says Daniel Sommerhoff, Professor of Mathematics Education at the IPN, who is involved in the COSIMA research group.

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