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IPN goes Hollywood: Isabell Adler reports on research trip to Los Angeles

November 29th, 2022

The IPN Department of Biology Education is conducting research on evolution as a subject of early childhood education in the EvoPrime project. The researchers want to find ways to initiate young children's first scientific ideas on the topic of evolution in order to facilitate further knowledge acquisition in the subject of biology at school.

Isabell Adler, a doctoral student, is one of the researchers who has dedicated herself to this task. As part of her PhD, she is researching what ideas kindergarten children already bring with them on the subject, how these ideas can be measured, and is developing a learning unit on the biological concepts underlying evolution based on her findings. In addition to her supervisor Prof. Dr. Ute Harms and her mentor Dr. Daniela Fiedler, she is supported by Prof. Dr. Andrew Shtulman, Professor of Psychology at Occidental College in Los Angeles, who contributes his expertise in developmental and cognitive psychology to the research project.

To make the collaboration as close as possible, Isabell Adler is currently on a research stay in Los Angeles. From there, she took over the IPN's Instagram channel from 11/21/2022 to 11/29/2022 and reported in detail about her research on site. She presented her survey instrument in detail in short videos, talked about her work with Andrew Shtulman in an interview, and answered numerous questions about her research stay as well as the country and its people, among other things. All videos from the week are still available on the IPN's Instagram channel. Feel free to stop by!


Literature analyses of existing children’s books about evolution (Publications by Isabell Adler)


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