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New Management in the IPN Administration

April 7th, 2021

Mareike Bierlich becomes Administrative Director of the IPN

On April 1, 2021, Mareike Bierlich took office as Executive Administrative Director of the IPN. Bierlich takes over the administrative management from Dr. Uwe Lemburg, led the IPN's administration on an interim basis since November 2019.

Following positions in general university administration in Tübingen, she was most recently managing director of the Hector Institute for Empirical Educational Research, an internal research institute of the University of Tübingen, as well as managing director of the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network. The political and administrative science graduate thus remains true to educational research. Research at both LEAD and the Hector Institute revolves around relevant questions about educational processes. As the new Executive Administrative Director of the IPN she has now moved from Tübingen to Kiel.

The appointment of Mareike Bierlich marks the first time in the IPN's history that a female has been appointed to the administrative management. The Executive Scientific Director of the IPN, Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller: "We are very pleased to have gained a recognized administrative expert in Ms. Bierlich for the administrative half of the IPN's dual leadership. My thanks go to the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, for the manner in which they handled the appointment process." In 2013, the IPN modernized its management structure by establishing a so-called dual leadership, with scientific and administrative responsibility resting on different shoulders.

Mareike Bierlich has been appointed Administrative Executive Director of the IPN for an initial period of five years and has a great deal planned at the IPN. Bierlich: "The administration at the IPN is already very well established. For me personally, it is important to further promote the science-supporting culture and to provide excellent support to researchers in all areas. The task now is to consolidate proven innovative ideas developed during the Corona pandemic and to digitize various administrative processes to make them even more efficient. I am particularly pleased that the IPN focused on the compatibility of work and family at an early stage. It was the first Leibniz Institute to be certified with the Work and Family Audit and now holds a permanent certificate."