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State competition Jugend forscht - Student research centers in Schleswig-Holstein well represented

March 17th, 2023

On Wednesday, March 15th, the Faculty of Technology at Kiel University (CAU) hosted the state competition Jugend forscht for the 25th time. Students aged 9 to 19 presented a total of 29 projects to the jury in the seven subject areas. A total of 16 youths with 11 projects from the locations of the network student research centers Schleswig-Holstein (SFZ-SH) also participated at the event on Kiel's eastern shore. By the end of the day, they were delighted to receive great placements as well as numerous special prizes.

Four state victories in the student experiment age group

Lars Domeyer (12), Janik Rose (13), Klaas Jacobsen (11), Mario Kumm (13), Flemming Thomsen (14), Pius Schäfer (12), Souleiman El Azouzi (13) and André Reinhart (12) represented the student research centers from Kiel, North Frisia and Stormarn in the student experiment age category. Four SFZ projects won the state prize: First place in biology went to the project " Opportunity for an ecologically sensible use of seaweed" (Klaas Jacobsen, SFZ Kieler Forschungswerkstatt). First place in mathematics/computer science went to the project " Self-made password manager" (Pius Schäfer, SFZ Kieler Forschungswerkstatt). The project " Analysis of different surfaces based on contact angle measurements" (Souleiman El Azouzi, SFZ Kieler Forschungswerkstatt) was awarded first place in physics and the project "Modified Arduino traffic light intersection" (André Reinhart, SFZ Storman) was awarded first place in technology.

State victory in the work environment section of the Jugend forscht competition

Benedikt Lennart Beste (17), Oskar Hansen (16), Bahne Peters (16), Finn Ole Oestergaard (16), Pavel Jan Linka (18), Niels Fenske (16), Leif Wortmann (17) and Markus Peters (17) competed for the Schleswig-Holstein SFZ in the state competition Jugend forscht. Here, the project "Dynamic Alarm Clock" won out in the subject area of the world of work. 17-year-old Benedikt Lennart Beste was bothered by the fact that he had often rushed to the station in the morning, only to find that his train was delayed and he could actually have slept longer. So, he developed an alarm clock at the SFZ North Frisia that reacts to delays in public transport. Benedikt is now looking forward to participating in the national competition in Bremen in May.

Awards for support services

Awards were also presented to three SFZ project supervisors: Leif Schillhorn from the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt student research center received a Spektrum der Wissenschaft annual subscription in recognition of his support. Jan Christoph Hadenfeldt from the Theodor-Storm-Schule Husum/SFZ Nordfriesland received an invitation to the national competition and Gönna Lund-Andersen, Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum/SFZ Nordfriesland, received an annual subscription to ct - Magazin für Computertechnik.

58th National Competition in Bremen in May: IPN Support for Team Schleswig-Holstein

After the state competition, all winners are now preparing for the national competition in Bremen. This will be organized by the foundation Jugend forscht e.V. in cooperation with the business associations in the state of Bremen e. V. from May 18 to 21, 2023. Team Schleswig-Holstein will receive special professional support from the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) as part of the MINT Academy Schleswig-Holstein: In May, all participants from Schleswig-Holstein will be invited to Kiel for a day to prepare together for the nationwide competition.

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Schleswig-Holstein Network of Student Research Centers (SFZ-SH)
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