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Wissenschaftsausschuss (WA; Scientific Committee)

The IPN Wissenschaftsausschuss (WA; Scientific Committee) advises IPN colleagues and the Board of Directors on matters of relevance to scientific work at the IPN. The WA organizes colloquia in which the work at the IPN is presented or guest scientists are invited. The WA is the point of contact for the consultation of project proposals for planned research projects, the organization of workshops and trainings, and the improvement of the conditions of scientific work at the IPN. In addition, the WA is involved in the preparation of research plans and reports.

The WA is composed of nine elected members of the institute. Seven WA members are scientists beyond the doctoral phase (post-docs). In addition, a spokesperson elected by all doctoral candidates and a member of the Administration and Scientific Services department belong to the WA.

Internal sessions of the WA take place once a month; every three to four months, the WA organizes meetings with all IPN staff to exchange information and discuss general planning and research issues.

For IPN employees, we have provided further information and documents in the Intranet area (Note: these websites can only be reached by computers that are in the IPN).

If you have questions about the WA, then we look forward to receiving an email at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].